Sort of working

The MTX jab is sort of working after 12 days.

I just went in for blood test today and HCG dropped from 2400 to 760. I guess that’s a YAY?!  But I am not out of the woods yet, ectopic is not ruled out and I still need to be on constant monitoring. I will return next week for another round of blood work to see if betas drop further. Tired. But happy that this is sort of going in the right direction of the levels declining.

I still have 1 embryo left but I am grounded for 3 months due to the jab. I suddenly feel very pumped up to complete the process. My doc did discuss with me the possibility of harvesting another fresh cycle before I age another year in case the frozen doesnt work. Better than I waste the time for the frozen cycle and then if I were to think of a new cycle my eggs would have aged another year. That seems like a good idea. But I thought this was going to be my last cycle?

My Doc also asked me to live my life for 3 months in awesomeness. Forget about TTC, forget about restrictions on food and stuff, just live a life and when I come back I gotta believe in this, he has to believe in this as well that my IVF is going to work. You have no idea how much I wanted to cry when he gave that motivational speech.

The truth is, Im rather pumped up in spirits. Hey I am alive! from this tedious episode… So that’s kind of a bonus and in all honesty, the quality of my embryos this cycle truly improved compared to my past 3 cycles. I see some results at least. SO yeah, I am rather pumped up and thinking along his plan.

Maybe I might change my mind, who knows.


5 thoughts on “Sort of working

  1. scrambledeggsandsundry

    If you feel pumped up now, go with it! You may feel differently tomorrow or five minutes from now or five weeks from now, so just enjoy it. Positive thinking and feeling is such a balm to the spirit. I too have one embryo to transfer, my only one. Glad you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve 🙂

  2. lifeasinfertile Post author

    methotrexate jab is a jab that is used to terminate a pregnancy in a non surgical way. it stops the pregnancy by stopping the rapid growth of cell division. Actually the jab is quite common on early ectopic pregnancies or early non-viable pregnancies. The jab itself contains low chemotherapy contents so we are not allowed to do any cycles and not advised to try naturally within these 3 months.


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